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PixelServed is the fastest way to preview UI designs created with any creative software (Affinity Designer, Adobe Photoshop, Xara, etc.) on an Android device.

Main features‌

  • Automatic sync

    • PixelServed Desktop Connector can watch a file (for modifications) on your desktop (Win or Mac) and send it to your Android mobile device automatically

  • Use any design app

    • It is the simple and fastest way to preview and check a UI design created with you favorite software (Affinity Designer, Xara, etc.)

Quick how to use

Important! Make sure that both the desktop app and the mobile app are on the same WiFi network

  • Download and install the Android App

  • Download and install the Desktop Connector

  • Start the Android App

  • Start the Desktop Connector and choose a file to watch

  • Connect the Desktop Connector with the IP provided by the Android app

  • Done! Now every time the file is modified it will be sent and displayed on the Android device

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