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Setup Instructions

Getting started in setting up your site with EDD Flux

Initial considerations

Make sure that on your WordPress instance you have Easy Digital Downloads installed and ready. Go to Downloads → Tools and on the API Keys tab enter a username and generate new api keys.

Manually connecting a site to the app

To add a site to the EDD Flux iOS app, you first need your EDD API key and token from your WordPress Dashboard. 

To find your API key, you need to visit your own profile from the WordPress dashboard:

You only need your Public key and Token. The secret key is used for internal authentication and should never be used directly to access the API.

When opening the app for the first time (and navigating to Manual Site Setup), the following screen will be displayed:

You enter the API Key and Token from your profile in the respective fields to the above.

Once you have entered all the required information, the app will attempt to make a connection to your site. If it is successful, you will be presented with the Dashboard otherwise you will be prompted to verify the details you previously entered and try again.

Automatically connecting a site to the app

You can also connect your Easy Digital Downloads store the EDD Flux iOS application with a single press from your Profile in WordPress admin. This option will only be visible when on mobile devices and tablets.

To easily connect, go to Users → Your Profile → Add to iOS App.

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